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Safe Tea & Coffee Temps

Temps below 140 Deg F ( 60 deg C ) are Safer 
Hot beverages are enjoyed by the billions every day all around the world! For the safety of the cells in your mouth, tongue, gums, cheeks, throat, esophagus, upper GI, etc make sure to drink fluids no hotter than 140 deg F & take note that 125 deg F is the upper cutoff for enhance flavor perception & absolute cell thermal denaturing safety. 

125 Deg F : Absolutely Safe ( 51.5 deg C

140 Deg F : Upper Cutoff ( 60 deg C

Tea & Coffee are often brewed using boiling or near boiling water 180-210 deg F ( 82 - 99 deg C ) temperatures that can cause scalding burns. Use a simple inexpensive kitchen thermometer like the one depicted in my images

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I was studying the microwave heating of filtered water in a glass measuring cup with my thermometer : the way that I prefer heating water for organic green tea brewing : repurposed the thermometer for safety testing the drinking temperature of my morning green tea :)

Note the high temperatures utilized to produce the tea infusion!
These brewing temperatures can causing scaling!
Let your tea or coffee cool off before consuming !

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